Mohammad Golbabaee

moAssistant Professor (Lecturer)
Computer Science Department
The University of Bath

E-mail: m [dot] golbabaee [at]

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Mohammad received his B.Sc. (2005) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tehran, Iran, his M.Sc. (2007) and Ph.D. degrees (2012) in Computer and Communication Sciences from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) , Switzerland, where he was awarded the EPFL’s Excellency Scholarship in 2005. His PhD thesis focused on compressed sensing and source separation strategies for multichannel data. He was a CNRS postdoctoral researcher in Applied Mathematics Research Centre (CEREMADE) at Université Paris Dauphine, France, in 2013. He was awarded the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Fellowship and visited the DSP group at Rice University, Houston TX USA, in 2014. In 2015, he joined the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh as an EPSRC Research Associate and held an early career award from the Scottish Research Partnership in Engineering (SRPe) for the project “Accelerating quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging acquisition and reconstruction”. Since August 2018, Mohammad joined the University of Bath as an assistant professor (lecturer) in Computer Science.

His research interests include machine learning, signal and image processing, compressed sensing, low-complexity data models, source separation, optimization algorithms for large-scale machine learning and data science: theoretical and applied to medical imaging, remote sensing and computer vision.

Hiring! I have a PhD studentship available on "machine learning for medical imaging". Find out more about it here.
Regardless of the deadline for this particular call, if you feel you're interested in my research, send me an email! there will be always a funded research opportunity for smart and motivated students.
NEWS (12.11.2018): "Geometry of deep learning for MR fingerprinting", read more about it here.  
NEWS (4.10.2018)Find out more about CoverBLIP acceleration for MR Fingerprinting (full draft on arxiv). You can find related codes and demos here!
NEWS (5.9.2018): our Rest-Katyusha paper got accepted by NIPS 2018!
NEWS (22.8.2018): we will present our deep learning work for MR Fingerprinting in iTWIST 2018 workshop in Marseilles.
NEWS (13.8.2018): visiting GE Healthcare Global Research and Technical University (Bioengineering school) in Munich: great atmosphere, loads of MR Fingerprinting data to be acquired!
NEWS (1.8.2018): Starting new position as an assistant professor (UK term = Lecturer) in Computer Science at the University of Bath!
NEWS (2.2.2018): 4 papers on MR Fingerprinting got accepted by ISMRM 2018! Find out more about them here.